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Our Favorite Children’s Books

EVERYONE HAS A BOOK that was special to them as a child, whether it’s a picture book their parents read to them or a novel that set off their imaginations. That’s why we decided to go back in time and reminisce about the books we most cherished when we were children! Join us in remembering all of the good childhood was while we sit back, relax, and remember the books that meant the most to us.

Our Team’s Favorite Books


"Harold and the Purple Crayon" I read that to my little one so often.  It was about a little boy and his imagination with his magical crayon.  


I always enjoyed reading Dr. Suess books to my kids because they would laugh and giggle at how outrageous the stories were.  The colorful and silly rhymes and characters paint a picture that stretch the imagination.  We have some great family memories of reading Dr. Suess at bedtime.


I would always read "The Kissing Hand" to my son when he was getting ready to start a new adventure.  Whether that be starting school, attending his first scout meeting or spending the night away from home with friends for the first time.  It was the kind of book that would help him have the courage to try new things, all the while knowing that Mom and Dad were always with him. 


"The Runaway Bunny"  I gave this book to my teenage daughter.  I loved its sentiment and it said just what I was feeling.  She is an adult now and she still has the book.

What Were Your Favorite Books?

We’ve shared our favorite books with you, but we want to know about yours! Which books did you love most as children? Do you have any of the same ones from our list? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget to enjoy a good book today!


Check out the link below for the top 10 Children's Books



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